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About Peter

I am a former school teacher from London and a family man. Not long after becoming a father in 2003, my life changed when I shattered my knee in a bike accident. I had three operations, fourteen months off work as I was rehabilitating and trying restore full range of movement to my knee. After months of physiotherapy , long hours in the gym and having a vast array of therapies, I could only get a 90 degree bend – what the medical profession call a ‘functional knee’- enough to get in and out of a car, ride a bike and function on a day-to-day basis.[…]

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Are You Running Fast To Stand Still?

Let’s face it a job is no fun, who likes the idea of working a 9 to 5 job for 50 years, to run fast to basically stand still or even go backwards – personal debt is rapidly increasing! That’s just not for me. I rather spend my time with family and friends, living the life I love to live.
If you have had enough running fast to stand still, check the link below to show you away to start living life on your own terms.


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